Mummys best friend, Vince calls for some phone sex.


Getting ready to go out I receive a call from Vince, our old handyman. He was the first man to introduce me to sex under the careful guidance of Mummy.

He has been fucking me ever since, when he can find a way to get away from his wife. He still fucks Mummy regularly too, sometimes both of us, side by side.

As usual Vince turns the subject to sex and I have to resort to ramming my wet pussy with a glass dildo, while he wanks off his over developed cock.

There is a lovely video of this sexy phone call, on my site.

What a pathetic little wanker

I got my ballcock replaced. the thieving little bastard wanted to charge me £70. I convinced him to accept a tit wank instead. I bet the little maggot had wished he had taken the money. Once I got him in my Dungeon he was having second thoughts. I stood on him with my heels. I made him kiss my boots and thighs. I kicked him in his balls, that made him squeal. I teased him for over an hour.

I did alow him to put his tiny cock between my tits and then bent over and shoved my arse back at him. I honestly believe he thought he was going to fuck me, he was desperate, but I was having none of it, well not for a £70 bill anyway.

His cock was bulging, rock hard and leaking a trail of pre-cum.

I made him wank off over my stockinged foot while I sat there bored. I then told the little wanker eat his come off my foot. After he had cum I rubbed my clit. I kidded him, telling him that if he could get it hard again he could cum in me. He was hard in seconds but I told him to get dressed and go away. I love sending cocky men away with a hard on.

I watched him leave on the CCTV and saw him stop on the lane where he thought no one would see and wank himself off in the car.

What a refresshing change to fuck a plumber. The best thing though is that I took a video of the whole sad event.

Miss Hybrid dungeon

I have just been caught wanking, again!

Very short version. I have just been out for an early morning cycle. I always try and wear someting to give passers by , motorists etc a nice cheer up sight for the morning. Usually I wear Lighthouse shorts by wicked Weasel as the ride up between my ass cheeks beautifully. After a few miles they are right up my pussy crack too. Today though I decided on a short skirt, tiny G string with a built in camel toe, again by WW and Tight little white top, no bra and big bouncing tits.

I had done a few miles on the road, making sure that the skirt was inadvertently exposing my knickers, front and rear. I had been hooted at a number of times, which is nice.

I was starting to feel even more horny than usual, my knickers were getting very wet but I was starting to be needing a wee. I turned into the country lane nearing the last stage of my ride, made sure no was around, then turned into the wood alongside the lane.

I went in a few yards so that I was out of sight and squatted down, pulled my wet knickers to the side and started to pee. I held my lips open and rubbed my very excited clit as I peed. It felt so hot and so good. The hot stream of pee was making my pussy feel even more sensative than usual. I decided I needed to have a propper wank and sat down then layed on my back, knees wide open. I put my left hand round hehind my leg and pulled my knickers right out of the way. I then used this hand to slip a finger into my arse.

I was going at my clit franticly when I was startled by a muffled cough. I looked forward through the gap in my knees and there was a man stood in full real tree camoflage stood leaning against a tree, at the most ten yards away.

“Oups, sorry” I spluttered, and removed my finger and started to jump up. “You may as well carry on now young lady” the hunter said, in such a lay back manner and voice. as though almost bored. “There is fuck all to shoot since you stampeded in here with your bike anyway. I couldnt believe you didnt see me, this new gear I bought must be really good”. With that he went back to looking to the rooftop of the trees, scanning for prey.

What a fucking bastard I thought he doesnt even want to watch me wank. Most men would have had there cock out and be trying to fuck me. Thats what has happened every other time I have been caught at it. “Carry on love, dont mind me,” he said, “its a shame to stop when you were so tuned on.” I thought, ha ha, I know your game, you are playing hard to get. So i decided to make it impossible for him to resist. I really wanted some cock now and I was getting frustrated by his dissinterest. I got up and moved to him and sat right at his feet. I went got in the position I was before and started to frigg myself off and finger my arse again. He glanced down and said “is that more comfortable”? “Much better” , I replied and carried on fucking myself.

To be continued x

I have just made a dick of myself

I answered an advert in the local paper “Looking for voulunteers for missionary service”. I thought that that would be my cup of tea.

I rang up and they were very helpful. on the phone and asked when I could pop down, to town for an interview.

I got showered and made sure I looked my best. I was wearing stocking, camel toe knickers and a very, very short dress . I arrived at the building and made my way up the stairs and entered the offices. I went over to the receptionist she gave me a very strange look but non the less invited me to wait in a side room. She said that Mr Thomas would be along shortly to interview me and I should make myself comfortable.

In the tiny waiting room there was a huge sofa against the wall miles to big for the space available. I had been to these kind of interviews before, where the couch plays a vital role so I lay on it and stated to warm myself up. I was just getting into it, with my special built in camel toe knickers, pulled to the side, three fingers up my pussy, when Mr Thomas walked in. He looked a little surprised to say the least. “Er hello er Miss Hybrid” he mumbled. “Hi Mr Thomas, dont be shy, I couldnt wait, so I have started without you. I was so keen for the job. Just get your cock out and get on top of me,” I said excitedly.



He just stood there looking shocked. “Here, I’ll help you” I said and reached up to his belt and undid it and then the button and zip on his trousers. His trousers fell to the floor, he still hadnt spoken. I pulled his boxer shorts down. He had a fair cock on him which was hanging straight down but was twitching. It started to get harder and in no time was stading straight out at 90 degrees, right in my face. I opened my mouth and took it to the back of my mouth, then shoved my tongue forward and swallowed his rapidly hardening cock. He was groaning a little and pushed my head away and almost jumped onto the sofa. He was on top of me and between my wide open legs hands either side of my head. He was thrusting his hips like crazy, but as his hands were supporting him he was unable to use them to help his hard cock find its target. He put his mouth over mine and gave me a slobery wet tongue kiss. He was still thrusting all over the place and nearly got it in but then went off target again. “I’ll help” I Said, “cunt or arse?” “Both” he gasped. I reached down and took hold of his now very hard cock, which was still thrusting everywhere and I tried to guided it into my pussy.”stop while I get it in my hole” I told him. He did as I said but the moment he felt contact with my pussy lips he rammed it full depth. It was a good job that I had warmed my pussy up I though to myself.

“That feels good I said” But he had stopped. He groaned, shuddered and said “I’m comingI. I could feel his hot cum flooding into my pussy. “I’m sorry” he said, “I couldnt help it”

Great, I though what a let down. “Its ok we can do it again in a few minutes” I said. I was a bit frustrated though as it had not even gone in and out, just in. “I hope I have got the job” I said. He looked a little perplexed. “You know, for the missionary position” I continued. “You just interviewed me?”

“Er Miss Hybrid, I think there has been some confusion…er we are looking for foreign missionaries.” he said getting quieter by the word. “Oh” was my lame reply. He was still laying on top of me and his cock was still in. “Well. if its ok with you Mr Thomas I would like to take the job you interviewed me for. I am available pretty much anytime you fancy it.” I said. He smiled broadly and I felt his cock start to harden. “How about now?” he asked and started to slowly thrust again. “Seems like as good a time as any and I notice you have provided a huge amount of lube!” I added. He started thrusting really hard, long and slow. so now I have a job and a very flexible one  xx

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