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Miss Hybrid free news and previews from the manor.

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Miss Hybrid Free News And Nipple Flash Newsletter

What I found on my Personal Assistant Felix’s Hard Drive

This footage was not hard to find, as he had filed it under ‘Glamorous Ladies of the Manor’. Felix, a former civil servant, has been employed as my PA, for over a decade. His general duties include minding my investments, helping with the day to day running of the estate and another role, (which I frequently turn a blind eye to) satisfying my kinky friends or rather being a source of amusement to them. Did I mention he wears pink panties under his suit?

Vicky Powell came to visit me at the Manor and spent a delightful afternoon testing out my mains powered tools. I had that old familiar feeling of we are not alone and sure enough, I sensed Felix was spying on us. The clunk of the lens on the window was a dead give away, the clumsy wanka. He managed to capture these photographs whilst Vicky and I were getting rather carried away, getting to know each other.

I do allow Felix , on occasions, to post my stolen moments on his website, after all the photographs are better off in my control.  I do object, however, when I am pipped to the post. I wanted to share these encounters with you first.

I’d like to add that the full resolution, quality photographs and 4K videos  will be distributed by me on my official website shortly.

Miss Hybrid free news and nipple flash with Vickie Powell

Miss Hybrid free news letter update with Vickie and the Sybian.

Miss Hybrid free preview with Vickie and Magic Wand.

Miss Hybrid free news and previews from the Manor.

Miss Hybrid

Lady of the Manor

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Felix Voyeur Photos Vickie Comes To Visit Miss Hybrid

Felix Voyeur Photos As Vickie Comes To Visit Miss Hybrid

Felix voyeur photos from Vickie’s weekend visit.

You may have seen the iPad pics Miss Hybrid posted on Twitter on Sunday? Well it looks as though Felix the Worm was busy too. Miss Hybrid has just found hundreds of voyeur pics on his PC and has some to share. No doubt Felix will be adding them to his Web Site but in the meantime Miss Hybrid will share with us what she finds.

Please click the photos below to see the full galleries at felixtheworm.com a free bonus site for members of misshybrid.com.

Felix voyeur photos, Vickie looks amazing in sexy white stockings and high heels.
Felix captures some voyeur photos of the stunning Vickie in sexy lingerie.
Felix voyeur photos of Vickie at the Manor in stockings, heels and lingerie.
Felix voyeur photos as Vickie and Miss Hybrid play.

If you like the preview pics from Felix the Worm’s collection, please click here to visit misshybrid.com and free bonus site felixtheworm.com.

#MissHybridLive On The Slopes

#MissHybridLive On The Slopes

Nylon Giantess Miss Hybrid Stockings And Sex Toys

Nylon Giantess Miss Hybrid, Stockings And Stilettos

Nylon giantess Miss Hybrid.

This is the access to Miss Hybrid’s viewing area. The spiral staircase leads to a mezzanine area. Directly overlooking the main area of the master bedroom with the bed in full view. It was a flash of inspiration when Miss Hybrid was modifying the old manor house and has been the source of hours of fun, watching and being watched.

Please click the sample photos below to see the full hard core and uncensored video available inside misshybrid.com.

Nylon giantess Miss Hybrid in stockings and ankle boots.
Miss Hybrid nylon giantess on the spiral staircase.
Nylon giantess Miss Hybrid sexy lingerie stockings and boots.
Nylon giantess Miss Hybrid stockings and ankle boots.

To see the full uncensored and hard core 4K video with accompanying HQ photo set please click here to visit misshybrid.com.

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