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Miss Hybrid being fucked

Miss Hybrid being fucked
Ed thought he was going to finally get his big cock into me, oh dear.

He has been longing to get his cock in me for so long now. Poor Ed, he got his long hard cock out and I bent over lifted my leg. He rubbed the head of it against my soaking pussy. He was shaking in anticipation. I stood up and passed him the strapon. “You don’t think you are putting that huge cock of yours in my tiny little cunt do you Ed? You will have fuck me with the strapon.

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Miss Hybrid

A gloved and well heeled wank in the office

I get my driver to take Lord B out on a wild goose chase. I know I have my new recruit to myself. He is very enamored with my big tits and long hard nipples. He doesn’t take much encouraging to be sucking on them. It’s not long before I am wanking his very hard cock, with my beautiful, long, fur trimmed, leather gloves. I tease his cock with my 6 inch metal stiletto heels. He couldn’t wait to get his cock between my big tits and spunk all over them….I made sure not to get any on the fur. It doesn’t look very ladylike, when your fur is matted with spunk….

A gloved and well heeled wank in the office

Kinky boots strip tease and much more

Watch me and see how much fun a Kinky English Lady can have with a very handy Handyman a pair of thigh boots, stockings and a nice big cock.
I make the poor man sit there and watch me as I slowly reveal my pantie covered pussy. He gets to feel the steel of my heel as I play with my big tots and long hard nipples.
I allow him to unfasten my top and then pour oil on my tits. His trousers are bulging.
Deciding to put him out of his misery I get his big cock out. I oil his cock and then let him tit fuck me between my slippery  mounds. He seems to like this and  and thrust with enthusiasm before coming all over them.