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Cum On Leather

Cum On Leather

Well I never. I left him alone for a few minutes, to check out my new cinema sized video coding. I had given him a bit of a rub but I did not expect him to be tossing himself off, when I returned. He was a gibbering wreck, fixated by me dressed from head to toe in leather. He liked my leather boots, my leather gloves, my leather skirt, you could see, he was desperate to come on leather. I could see no work would be done until we had to sorted out a trouser tenting issue. Rubbing his cock on the leather was more than he could stand and he spunked all over my leather skirt. Now maybe since he has relieved some building pressure in his head gasket I may get some work out of him before he has to Cum On Leather again. The things I have to do to maintain staff discipline!

Please click the photo below to see a sample gallery from the photo set. Please remember all previews are censored in accordance with UK law but inside you get the full hard core +18 Miss Hybrid

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I hope you enjoy them

Miss Hybrid In Leather

Who needs kicking into shape then? Mistress Hybrid at the ready….

Employment opportunity, full, on the job training will be provided. I want a new general dogsbody, as my PA, Felix is useless. I am looking for someone I can kick into shape with my stiletto boots and boss around.   Your duties will include pool cleaning, no experience necessary, just look for the puddles on the floor!

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Miss Hybrid boots