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Miss Hybrid Wanking Hard

Miss Hybrid Wanking Hard to bring you the finest stories and photographs. I do love a good double ender. You can see I have been hard at it sat at my desk.

Sometimes I get a little distracted but I just have to call my maid lesbian “Pet” and she soon sorts things out for me. You can’t lick a good “Pet”

Miss Hybrid Wanking Hard, lesbian, pet, stockings, nylons, boots, stilettos








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Licks Miss Hybrid and Pet

Miss Hybrid, see the Headmaster.

Miss Hybrid

My English Teacher was appalled by this story I wrote….. She told me to take it to the Headmaster and see what he had to say. I dragged my feet along the long corridor until I reached the dreaded place. I knocked on the his door. He made we wait for what seemed like ages, as all power mad people do.
“Come in” he shouted.

Miss Hybrid, schoolgirl, slut,


He was stood by the window staring blankly. “Now Miss Hybrid, what brings you here?” he asked. I just passed him my story…….he started to read. It was silent except for the sound of his breathing which was getting faster.  About a page into my story he subconsciously reached down and adjusted his trousers. My gaze followed his hand. He pulled at his trouser material and I could see a long bulge making his shiny, dirty trousers stand out. He looked up at me and saw where I was looking. He went back to the reading. The bulge was getting bigger and pushing the material of his trousers out. He walked over to his desk, sat down and put the story down. “That, Miss Hybrid, is filth. I will keep it here so that it does not get into the wrong hands. This cannot go unpunished. What I have read is disgusting. I think I may need to invite your Mother to read this.” “The rest is worse”, I blurted out.
“Miss Hybrid, enough. I will read the rest of the story and require you to return at the end of classes.” he instructed.  As I left his room I thought, “it looks like Mummy is going to have to suck his cock again, just like when I was going to get expelled last time”.

Come and see the rest of my story

Who needs kicking into shape then? Mistress Hybrid at the ready….

Employment opportunity, full, on the job training will be provided. I want a new general dogsbody, as my PA, Felix is useless. I am looking for someone I can kick into shape with my stiletto boots and boss around.   Your duties will include pool cleaning, no experience necessary, just look for the puddles on the floor!

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Miss Hybrid boots