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I managed to sneak a few photos with my very little camera

Just look what I have managed to capture for you! Mistress was determined to make a super high quality film of herself. I was told to keep well away.  She enlisted the help of her friend Joannes  husbands, Jeff. Jeff brought one of his young assistants to help. I went in to see Mistress when she had finished filming and managed to capture some lovely candid snaps of her reviewing the film. She still had the vibrating butt plug up her arse and  was obviously enjoying the film by the look of her finger activity.

Miss Hybrid engrossed

Felix gets Miss Hybrid’s cast off.

Miss Hybrid’s friend Joanne stormed past me down the stairs, towards the front door.

“Are you alright, Ma’am?”, I ask.

“Do I fucking look alright?”, she yells, “I thought she was my friend and…. Well”

“Come through to the sitting room”, I suggest, “I’ll get you a drink, and then you can vent your frustrations on me. I’m a good listener”

She accepts my suggestion, and I guide her along the passage to the sitting room.

“What would you like to drink?”

“What’s the most expensive bottle she’s got?”, she asks.

“There’s a 30 year old Napoleon Cognac”, I offer, “or there’s an 8 year old Talisker”

“Talisker. Ice. Water on the side”.

I pour the scotch over ice and hand it to her. A second glass I fill with cold water and place it on the table beside her before sitting on the sofa next to her.

She takes a long sip of the single malt, licks her lips and places the glass back on the coaster.

She turns to face me.

“He bloody well came in her after just 2 strokes”, she complains, “he never gets that turned on with me”.

“I can’t believe that”, I reply, ”I mean, look at you. Gorgeous figure, sensuous lips, eyes you could drown in. How could he not”. I put my hand on her thigh as I look deep into her eyes.

“He said that she was too tight, and that was why he came so quickly”, she complains, taking another sip of the Talisker. I notice that she has not touched the water.

“That’s just one of her little techniques”, I tell her, slowly stroking her leg. “Plenty of pelvic floor exercises help her squeeze a cock quite tightly. She can sit on a cock and  wank it off without moving her hips. I’m sure you could do it too with a bit of practice.”

“How”, she says, ”Just how I am supposed to do that – I wouldn’t know where to start”

“I could give you a little instruction”, I offer, “A little guidance as to what you need to do”.

My hand is nearly at her crotch, and she has unconsciously opened her legs a little. I lean forward and just brush my lips against hers, fleetingly.

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