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First For Masie, Miss Hybrid And Masie Dee Stick On cock And Vibrator

First For Masie, Miss Hybrid and Masie Dee Magic HD Video Update

First for Masie as she plays in the bath with mistress.

First for Masie in the spa with Miss Hybrid

Miss Hybrid takes her new pet slut for a spa bath. There’s no need to get undressed. Mistress much prefers the wet, see-through look. And see Miss Hybrid’s beautiful nipples showing through her now soaking wet top. Pulling Masies wet panties off and watching her fuck herself with a vibrator is the first stage of the hot, sexy fun. Watch how mistress teases Masies swollen clit with a selection of sex toys and gentle running water.

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First for Masie Dee and Miss Hybrid squirt in the spa

Masie enjoys something she has never done before.

Miss Hybrid has the perfect sized stick-on cock for Masie to shove up her very needy hole. Masie fucks herself on the cock after playing with the vibrator rubbing her clit under water. Then mistress calls Felix to make Masie do something that she has never been able to do before. Wait until you see her reaction of Masie as she writhes on the towel carefully place by Miss Hybrid. Miss Hybrid gets so horny filming this and then editing this video her pussy has been throbbing for days. Please watch and enjoy.

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