1BB said, Oh Yes Miss H, you need to get one…..

He was talking about a RAID NAS, “what the fuck is that”? I asked.

2 bottles of Chablis I still didnt understand.

So anyway, I got one of my good slaves to give me one, then I got a drive. I opened the Chablis and the box. 2 more bottles of the old Chablis and the FUCKING RAID is back in the box. What a load of bollocks!


4 thoughts on “1BB said, Oh Yes Miss H, you need to get one…..”

  1. CALM DOWN DEAR, it’s only a box 😉

    Put your knickers back on, I’ll be there in an hour!


  2. Its plug and Play Mr 1BB, the last plug I bought…..I just put it in and played x

  3. naaah, it’s not a Sybian 🙂 You should know it’s “plug and pray” !!


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