3rd Nov video posted featuring me me me me me me, ramming myself with a double-ender

I had a lovely time at the sex therapist. She said that in 20 yrs of doing the job she had never ever met such a slut.

I smiled and thanked her but said she should meet Mummy though. I will call Mummy and tell her the good news.

Do you want to see the photos and video? Well go to my site !

Miss Hybrid x

3 thoughts on “3rd Nov video posted featuring me me me me me me, ramming myself with a double-ender”

  1. Well, you definitely need sex therapy Miss Hybrid!! But it’s not abstinence like the old bat said…it’s even more of it (yeah, your therapist and I have agreed to disagree) You see, she’s my therapist too, and she seems to think that a threesome would be beneficial….I’m not sure what part she wants to, play though……….:-0


  2. Ah, I get it, she wants to see me,., you and mummy in action…..sigh, ok then if I must………I’ll be there in an hour…be ready, I’ve just about recovered after the weekend 😉


  3. It sounds to me the therapist is repressed with very confused thoughts in her mind-lol….She needs a very hot client to lead her on the path-lol…
    So Hybrid , I am giving you a new mission-devious rubbing of hands…..
    Return to the therapist -winks to the screen…. reveal some of your darkest thoughts, your most intimate encounters…….Watch for “the ice maiden exterior to melt”…. Then help widen her horizons with some girl on girl action right there on the relaxation couch…O our Hybrid will test her-lol….

    I saw the video Hybrid…..Very Hot stuff of the highest order. Self Pleasure at its most pleasurable.

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