A blow by blow account of my latest party. Found by me on Felix’s computer.

I’ve spent most of the week so far trying to get everything organised for the weekend. Miss H decided that we should have a Hedonists Ball and invited around 20 of her friends for the occasion. The theme? That age old favourite “Vicars and Tarts”. A selection of the staff were told that it was compulsory to attend, and to accede to any of the guests requests.  Costumes would be supplied. So it has been left up to me to ensure that all of the costumes for the staff will be here and will fit perfectly (I actually had some fun during the measuring up, but that’s another story).  The men are all to be in evening wear, black dinner jackets and white ties. The trousers, though, are crotchless, so I just hope that the central heating works. We do have side tied thongs in red lycra to wear to cover our dignity to some extent, but if it’s cold, it will be painfully obvious. The girls, in maids uniforms (what else?), exceptionally short black skirt and white apron, black seamed stockings and suspenders, and just a black half-cup bra with pink trimming on top. Knickers, pink, fullbacked, see through and, as with the men, crotchless for easy access. Bowls of condoms for the guests use (raspberry flavoured, of course) to be arranged, lubricant, wet wipes, toys of all descriptions and food and drink. So, it has been a busy week up to now.

My job now, as it approaches 8pm and the arrival of the first guests, is to check the staff. They form up along the hallway, the 5 girls to one side and the 4 men to the other.
“Girls, please lift your skirts for me”, I ask.
They comply, and I check that they are all cleanly shaven.
“Good”, I say, “now turn around and bend over”.
Again, they comply and I lick each arse and pussy in turn to ensure cleanliness and a sweet taste. This job has great perks!
“Okay, very good, you can stand up now”.
I turn to the men, and I can see that the red lycra of their G-strings is starting to stretch. Now to check the guys – well, I’m not going bloody well taste them – not my cup of tea at all.
Anyway, I tell them, “Guys, pull down your G-strings”.
They do so, and I check that each of them is neatly trimmed; just Andy at the end is fully shaven.
“Now, Girls,” I say as I pull down my own G-string, “the taste test this time is your job”.
Each of the girls takes a dick in hand, pulls back the foreskin on those of us where that is required and gives the head a light sucking. Lucy looks up at me and winks.
Restraining myself, I pull back and say. “Okay, that’s enough everyone, we need to save our strength for the guests.”
“No complaints, I hope, ladies?”, I ask. None seem forthcoming, so I continue.
“Straighten up everyone. Lucy, you’re with me, the rest of you all know your posts, so let’s get to it.”. G-strings are pulled back up, skirts stroked down, and they all go about their pre-appointed tasks.

The doorbell rings. The first guests have arrived. I go to the door and open it to Mr and Mrs Cooper-Jones (Ian and Heather), a couple in their 30’s. Both are wearing long coats against the cold night air. I usher them in, Lucy helps the lady with her coat revealing a black, full cup basque (and the cups are full to overflowing!) with fishnet stockings attached. She is wearing red silky French knickers, split half way up each side, with a pink trim, and black thigh length boots with a 3 inch heel. Looking at Mr Cooper-Jones, you could have mistaken him for your own parish vicar at first. He has on the regulation vicar’s collar and black shirt, with vestment over the top, and it’s only when he turns and you can see from the side, that you notice the trousers poking out from under the vestment are only the bottom part of the legs, held up by elastic around his knees.
I pass the coat to Lucy to put away, and guide the guests through to the main ballroom, where Jilly and Paul take over.

Next through the door are three girls all around 25, who arrived together by taxi.
Amber is wearing a short red strapless dress and red high heels. A long split up the side reveals a distinct lack of underwear, and the cold air makes it pretty obvious that she is not wearing a bra either as her nipples are clearly visible through the dress.
Janine is another one that has gone for the basque (white with sky blue trimming) and stockings (white, seamed) look, with white and pale blue frilly knickers.
Simone is wearing a tarty school uniform. Plaid skirt all of 3 inches in length, with long white socks, black school shoes and the shirt tied up around her boobs. A tiny white wicked weasel panty clearly shows off her camel toe.

Another couple is next, the Lamonts. George and Malinda are newlyweds, and she has dressed the part. George has gone a bit up market, and is wearing an archbishop’s smock. I’m pretty sure that that’s it though. Malinda is wearing all white, as befits a bride, but there isn’t much in the way of material. White shoes, stockings, almost non-existent micro panties, suspenders, and a quarter cup bra in which her perfect tits nestle, nipples proudly pointing outwards.

A couple of lads are next, identical twin brothers James and Liam. At 6’3” they are just a bit taller than I am but both are quite muscular and obviously work out quite a bit. I’m not sure that they are the brightest buttons on the suit, but that’s not why they were invited. Their vicar’s uniform consists of just a dog collar and a pair of black lycra cycling shorts covering, but not concealing their nether regions. Now I can really see why Miss H invited them, their cocks are enormous. The material is stretched so tight, you can pretty well tell their religion.

The last 7 all turn up at once. They all live quite close to each other, and had hired a taxi together.

Bruce is first in, in full vicar costume. Black trousers and shirt with vicar’s collar. I’m a little surprised, as there seems to be no obvious quirk to it at all. Maybe there isn’t!
Sally, Isla and Belinda follow. They are all dressed the same, except for the colour.  Transparent blouse on top, no bra. A long flowing transparent skirt reveals stockings held up by French knickers with integral suspenders, and on their feet, a pair of 2 inch pumps. Sally has white blonde hair, and is dressed in black, complementing her light tan. Isla wears white, which is striking against her almost jet black colouring, and Belinda wears yellow against her auburn hair and lightly freckled milky white skin.

Robin, Frank and Steve follow them in, all three dressed as monks. Robin and Steve are about average height, Frank slightly taller, just under 6 foot. All 3 have raging hardons making the front of their monks habits stand out.

Two couples had called earlier to cancel, so that was it. Eight men, eight women all dressed provocatively, with 5 female and 5 male servants on hand (including me). Everything was ready. Lucy uses the intercom to call Miss H.
“Everyone’s here, Mistress”, she says as Miss H answers the call.
“Good, I’ll be down directly. You and Felix meet me at the bottom of the stairs”, she says.

Two minutes later, Miss H comes in to view. White thigh high boots adorn her legs, the tops of her black stockings visible above them, are attached to the suspender belt around her waist. No panties, so that her pussy jewellery is on display, and a half cup bra, displays her firm round breasts, the nipples just peeking over the top.

She gets to the bottom of the stairs, and gives us a twirl, revealing the silver ring of her favourite butt plug.
“What do you think”, she asks.
Lucy answers first “You look fantastic, Mistress”.
I say nothing, my erection answering for me.

Time for her to make her entrance. We walk up to the closed double doors that lead into the ballroom. (Just thought, there may be no dancing here tonight, but Ballroom is still a very appropriate name). I can hear the clink of glasses and the general hubbub of conversation emanating from the other side. I rap heavily on the doors and wait for the noise to die down. With a nod to Lucy, we open the doors, and I announce – “Ladies and Gentlemen, I present Miss Hybrid”.
Miss H sweeps past us into the room to a smattering of applause. Her guests converge on her, each welcomed with a kiss on each cheek, and a glass of champagne is transported to her hand.
“Welcome everybody”, she calls out, “to my Hedonists Ball. You will notice that there are plenty of places to sprawl out on and enjoy yourselves in this room. There are toys for your use around the place as well as condoms for those that like to use them. You all hold current test certificates, as do all of my staff, so no need to worry on that score.”
She waves a hand in the direction of the staff around the room. “As you can see, my staff are on hand to help out in ANY way that you need. Please feel free to use and abuse them as you see fit.”
“There are another three rooms available for you to use. There is a wet room to the left down the corridor, including a Jacuzzi. A selection of wet play toys and instruments are available there as well.”
“To the right, opposite the wet room, is the theatre, where various erotic and pornographic films will be being shown to help stimulate your imaginations”.
“Finally, there is my dungeon, which is in the old converted hay loft, for those that would like a little domination, either giving or receiving”.
“Above all, have fun”.

With that, Miss H makes a bee line for the twins, James and Liam, grabs a cock in each hand through their lycra shorts and leads them across the room to some space. She pushes Liam down onto his knees in front of her, and guides James behind him. Miss H opens up her legs and steps forward so that Liam’s face is buried in her crotch, she then leans forward, frees James cock from its lycra sheath, takes him into her mouth and starts sucking him off. Liam is leant backwards, face up lapping away at Miss H’s pussy, his hands on her buttocks to steady himself, whilst Miss H sends James’ huge cock deeper and deeper into her throat.

The rest of his disgusting filth is burried deep in my members area.

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