7 thoughts on “Action replay of the moment, by the incredibly sexy, tallented and hung like a Grand National winner, MR Riccardo”

  1. 1BB, no given that you are speaking you native tongue and Mr. (stud) Riccardo only speaks an ancient dialect of finnish / Bavarian Austrian. He got it right and you were wrong.

    Miss HyPiss


    Whats for dinner

  2. You mean tonight, or tomorrow??

    Tonight it’s game pie!!

    Tomorrow….salmon, prawns and calamari with pasta…..dessert is optional..what time will you be over?? I’ll get some more Chablis in too 🙂


  3. p,s, my native tongue is Gaelic…..no, not garlic or gay lick……..and it’s very good!! 🙂


  4. Miss Hypiss’??..Like pissing high??!!!
    I have to say..you are one of a kind..and i just llllooove it (supposed to be said with maxwell shmart kinda accent)

  5. 1BB – Webmaster like Chairman is a title, and as such is sexless, er no not sexless, errrr non-gender specific. Only pinko communist local authorities would ever say Chairwoman or Webmistress.

    Miss H – I like that you can have a laugh at yourself like that (obviously after cursing vociferously)

  6. LOL, Larss, pinko commie…never, what’s mine is mine 🙂 I kinda like the mistress bit though !!!

    And you could never call Miss H sexless !!!!

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