58 thoughts on “Ask me a dirty question”

  1. Miss Hybrid you said you love a hard cock in your arse, so how exactly do you feel with a nice stiff penis deep in your arse? do you get chilled to the bone by anal??

  2. I love it in my arse, its far better than pussy sex. Pussy is ok as a last measure if you have three hard cocks to contend with.

  3. Miss Hybrid, I have always wondered what it would be like to have a powerful woman introduce me to the pleasures of anal. Perhaps I could learn from You using that strapon with me? Teaching me a lesson I would not forget?

  4. Miss H, you are such a dirty slut as we can all see but what has been your favourite session so far, of those you have allowed us to see?

  5. My favorite was fucking Penelope with the strap on but you havent seen that.
    If you think I have been dirty so far you better watch out x

  6. i guess you love it in the arse because it’s so much tighter than ur pussy..yes? the ass is generally tighter than the pussy.
    god i know i love to feel it in my ass too, it sets me off and the pleasure is magnified many times more than without it..

  7. No, my pussy is tighter than my arse. I can easily take two cocks in my arse but not in my pussy.

  8. Only if i am in the mood, otherwise I get one of the staff to do it. One small point long is good, thick and long is an absolute bastard and very tiring.

  9. That was only a problem for the blow jobs I hasten to add and not that much of a problem even then x

  10. (Laughs)

    Glad to hear it. And when you’re ‘in the mood’ I expect you give exquisite oral sex……

  11. I have never found any the right shape to go in. I have had a very large nipple up my arse and had plenty rubbing on my clit though.

  12. Miss,

    How would you like your sweety pussy licked?? Of course I’d start at the heels of your thigh high boots, and work my way slowly to the top….:-)

  13. Seeley, It does get very wet. I just need to look at a pair of boots and I feel it start to moisten. the smell of them though is even better. The first time I ever licked a pussy the girl was wearing thigh boots and she got on top of me in a 69 position. So I guess it was a first pussy tasting experience that comes back when ever I see thigh boots.

  14. Mmmmmm. they have the same effect on me, except I get HARD before I explode and soak everything 🙂 XX

  15. Miss Hybrid,

    First up, apologies for my impertinence at the weekend. I am contrite.
    Secondly, how long can you make a hand job last?

  16. I did a few blow job videos but I fucked them all up. They wanted a cum on face ending and every time the guy came I rammed it down my throat till he had finished.
    I love to have men or women wank onto my face.
    I once had a rugby team on a coach and everyone, including the driver tossed off over my face. I was coated x

  17. Watching a girls reaction as she is being being tied up, desperate to be fucked and thinking she is about to be. She is on all 4’s…… Then climbing on top of her and letting the man fuck me while she is helpless below. when he comes let the spunk run out of me onto her arse. then lay infront of her and let her lick me clean…..that sort of thing…

  18. Miss Hybrid

    What a wonderful dirty slut you are.

    Your arsehole is beautiful, I’d love to lick it, suck it, smell it, finger it and fuck it and then have you squat over my slut ex girlfriends face as she is tied up and fart all of my cum out into her mouth before making her lick it clean.


  19. hehe, not quite, but for you I could make it the slowest lap record I ever got, you wouldn’t need a stopwatch to time it, more like a calendar, lick for days 🙂


  20. I have only ever wanked off two guys at the same time. This was not due to the number of cocks in the vicinity, as there was an endless supply, but more a function of the number of hands I posses.

  21. I’m glad to hear that you don’t have more than two hands, Miss Hybrid. But I’m sure you wished you had while surrounded by an endless supply of cocks!

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