Coming Soon

I hope you will like these photos and the video. I love performing and I hope that comes across

I have a lot of fun with my vibrator!

I took about 30 minutes of film and don’t know how I will shorten it. I start to orgasm and just keep on coming.

Watch me lay on the floor and really go for it xxx

So if you want to see a real orgasm, make sure you keep a look out for the video.


14 thoughts on “Coming Soon”

  1. OOOh, now that one, I am definitely looking forward to….and if you need anyone to lick up after you, just call 🙂


  2. stunning picture of a a beautiful lady your slavep kneeling and worshipping your boots

  3. Sounds Awesome Miss Hybrid I can’t wait to see it I hope you have a great weekend ttyl.

  4. DAoF thank you. I am getting excited as I have one of LB’s VWE friends arriving soon and I am getting my latex on now xxx

  5. Dear Mr Larss….thank you for all your help xxx
    I cant tell you how much it means to me xxx

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