Day 1 of 60 days ‘Get Fit With Miss’

Join me in my ‘Get fit with Miss in 60 days’.

Today is the start and it finishes on June 7th 2013. I am very excited and ready for the challenge.

All details are at my forum

Please join me, the more the merrier. I am taking the plunge with photos and videos of me now and during the journey which I hope will motivate you into keeping hard at it.

I will require your weekly exercise regime, weekly statistics and performance measure.

You will have a choice of any selection or all of the following.

Swimming, cycling, walking, running, weights.

We will start out gently and gradually increase the effort and the time, to achieve your desired goals.

You will supply me with weekly updates of your activities, weight and measurements.

We are all weighing in today and measuring our biceps, chest, waist, hips and thighs and stepping on the scales.

I will be filming my exercise routines and posting them on my forum but the very intimate, explicit sexercise footage, will be published in my members area.