16 thoughts on “Does anyone remember summer?”

  1. Miss Hybrid,


    You bring the sunshine and light into our lives

    And you make me a heavy cummer 🙂


  2. remember oh yes Milady the summer is very hot very beautiful and magnificient like you my amazing and gorgeous goddess xxxxxxx

  3. Miss Hybrid honestly you are the sun of my life the most beautiful women in this univers xxxxxxxxxx

  4. 1BB
    You write beautifully, which is no surprise,
    You squirt a lot and coat my thighs,
    Just make sure it doesnt go in my eyes.

    You always make some time and write,
    even though most of it is a load of shite,
    I can rely on your vote,
    even though you would rather fuck my throat.
    etc etc etc

  5. and you you are too beautiful too sexy too gorgeous too divine too marvelous too fantastic too amazing too incredible too elegant too delicious Miss Hybrid you are too too too xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Miss Hybrid,

    You know I care
    So I wont get it in your hair,
    definitely not in your eyes,
    because I always look for your replies

    Could I cope with being a monk??
    Not likely, you always relieve me of my spunk


  7. 1BB you are such a dirty bastard for shagging my arse and getting spunk in my eyes……then inviting all my dogging regulars to have a go !

  8. Miss Hybrid, I thought that with spunk in your eyes you wouldn’t have seen them coming! Your zombie impression was worthy of an Oscar though! xXXXXXX

  9. Best Boy Oh fuck me, you are so warm with that comment xx

    Thats the best offer I’ve had all day 🙂


  10. Miss Hybrid is supposed to meet a member, not realising that the member is “the army”…..all of them!!! Serves you right for being on ARRSE 🙂

    In the best military tradition she decides to retreat and live to fuck another day!!


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