Felix is in trouble.

She’s back, and I’m in the deep doo doo. I didn’t get as many new format videos up on the site as I had promised, due to the fact that I was too busy fucking Lucy and Jilly, and then recuperating from the experience and then having a crafty handy shandy thinking about it later on. She has also noticed that someone with access to her computer has been digging around, and since I am the only one with the requisite passwords, she knows that it was me. I guess making that entry in her on-line diary was probably a bit of a mistake as well.

She hasn’t actually said anything yet, but I can tell that she knows, and is very pissed off at me. I have a horrible feeling about just what she has planned. It’s a bit like being a child when you mother says “Just wait ‘til your father gets home”, and spending the whole day worrying about what your punishment will be. I’ll just have to try my best to get into her good books before the ton of bricks hits me – maybe I can avoid being too severely punished.

Continued in my members area………..

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