25 thoughts on “Felix, you fucked up.”

  1. I think that’s why Felix fucked up…looking for perks without having to pay for them !!!!


  2. Miss Hybrid,

    My zip is playing up too, can you give me a hand ……job please??? It would certainly help me unzip quicker and let things expand to full size again !!!


  3. oooooh, stroking now, the licking and clean up will come later !!!!

    you’re only after my lucky charms 🙂


  4. number 1 and H, you would not believe the day I have had.
    Between felix, a duck hunting cunting fox, my internet connection and my very naughty dalmatian.
    I will tell you both the details when I see you later x

  5. I have just opened a Barolo so what are you waiting for? Ready for some lovely tongue stimulation?

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