Get Fit With Miss Hybrid, Week 5

I have been putting a lot of effort into my fitness campaign. It is now the end of week 5 and it is going well.

I am aiming to loose a little fat and build some muscle at the same time.

I thought I would add a few photos of my training session, so you can see what I am doing.


My own invention, I don’t have a name for it.


I start with 3 plates then work up as far as I can, 1 plate at a time for 10 reps.


Seated press
I have just managed 3 sets x 10 reps first set, for the first time, and then as many as I can for the next 2, 8 reps then 7 with this weight on this machine.

I will be doing my weigh in video on Monday

Wish me luck