Getting it in the woods

Woods Continued…………

He told me to go and get in the 4 x 4. The driver was waiting in there , with the engine running.
Lord B got in the front seat and I in the back. Lord B then said to to the driver to take us to Witches wood.

We drove for about 10 minutes, we were still within the perimeter of the estate but close to the northern edge I guess.

The car pulled into a clearing in the rather eerie wood and stopped.

Lord B got out after the driver had opened his door.

He opened the door for me and lead me out by the hand.

He then opened the tailgate of the 4 x 4 and told me to sit in the open boot.

I could hear voices and see shapes starting to appear from the twilight.

I had no idea what was going on but my freshly pierced pussy was starting  to tingle and I could feel it getting moist.

“Miss Hybrid is my new acquisition, for those of you who don’t know” he announced.

She is a dirty slut and is going to take a lot of keeping in check. With that he turned to me and unbuttoned my long coat, opening it to reveal my bare body other than underwear. The Gathered shapes moved closer to reveal their form.

There were men of all ages and a couple of women in their 30’s.

“Tonight’s fun is designed for my friends and a few paying guests to get to know Miss Hybrid.”

“It is going to be a game of hide and seek. The first one to find her can fuck her first, then we will see what happens next.” the twisted old fucker explained.

“I am going to teach her some lessons tonight” he added.

I couldn’t have been happier. I had already spotted the man I wanted to find me first and was busy trying to work out the top ten.

My pussy, sensing imminent cock, was in full juice production and I could feel it starting to wet my knickers.

He told be to turn round and get on all 4’s in the back of the car. I did as instructed. He pulled my coat to the side giving the closing group a perfect view of the prize.

He pulled my soaked knickers to the side to reveal my very wet pussy.

“This is the prize, for the best hunter. Either hole or both!”

Yippee I thought…..

I have so much more to write on this great night but I can only manage a few lines before I have to go and make myself come…more later.


He slapped my arse hard and said “right Hybrid, run along and I will give you a good start to get away from this mob”.

Lord B pointed to the darkness of the wood and started counting.

I set off at a leisurely pace, I wanted to be caught as soon as possible. The sound of The old fuckers counting was becoming fainter as I was slowly surrounded by the thickening twilight.

I reached into my coat pocket and pulled out my cigarettes and lighter. leaning against a tree I lit the cigarette. I had no intention of playing the silly old fuckers game.

I could here voices and foot steps getting closer. Suddenly my hands were grabbed and my coat pulled off my shoulders. I was being held from behind and I felt my wrists being tied. My coat was laying on the floor and I was pushed onto it. On my knees and my face supporting me on the coat. I could here more voices shouting and getting closer. I felt a knee go either side of my head. My hair was pulled hard which lifted my face. I opened my mouth to object but with perfect timing a hard cock thrust into my mouth. I was loving this.

I felt my knickers being pulled to the side as someone said, “she didn’t take much catching”  From the back I heard another voice “I’m not surprised she wanted to get caught, her pussy is soaking”

I felt a finger slide into my pussy, I backed onto it as hard as I could.

“She needs some cock, look at her bucking!” a woman’s voice said.

She was right!

I was doing a good job on the cock in my mouth. I knew I was as there were a few grunts starting.

I felt movement behind me and the finger was removed from my pussy. I felt something very hard and hot being rubbed on my open wet lips. The tip penetrated me and I let out a gasp. It felt huge. I backed onto it as it thrust into me. He was enormous.

The man fucking me was taking long strokes, pulling out completely between thrust, then back in full depth.

Other hands started to stroke and probe me. Someone was getting my tits out of my bra and then started rubbing my nipples. I felt fingers rubbing my clit. Then a finger going into my arse.

The cock in my mouth pulled out and I was lifted at the shoulders, while the one fucking just carried on with the long, slow thrusts.

In-front of me one of the women was removing her trousers. She was looking straight at me and smiling. She was stunning, with long dark hair and long legs. She peeled her knickers off and held them out under my nose. They smelt good to me. They were so wet that they had gone nearly transparent. As she stood in-front of me I could see strands of drool leaking from her pussy. She moved right to me then slithered  under on her back. She moved down until her pussy was right under my face. I then felt her hot breath on my pussy lips and her tongue went straight for my clit.

I let out a gasp. The supporting hands at my shoulders lowered and my face guided between her opened slightly raised legs. She pulled her knees up then let them fall further open. My mouth was right on her shaved, soaking pussy. I knew what to do.

People were getting more excited and saying all sorts of disgusting things about me. I was loving it.

The cock at my pussy was taking long slow strokes but now every other push was going down the girl underneaths throat. She was gagging every time, making her pussy clench.

Someone picked her feet of the ground knelt in front of me, behind her raised legs. A man on each side held one of her feet and pulled them apart and back to lift her arse off the floor. The man knelt was pulling his cock out and shoved it in my mouth. “Here wet that slut” he instructed. I didn’t need any encouragement.

“That’ll do” he said pulled it out and shoved it up my pussy lickers hole. She squirted a little as it went in…

…………………..To Be Continued……..

I could feel her gasp hot breath onto my clit.

The cock fucking her wasn’t messing about. He was hammering into her. From the noises underneath me she wasn’t objecting.

The other girl in the group caught my eye. She was standing just to the side. She had her skirt hitched up legs apart up no knickers on she was playing gently with her pussy lips, looking straight at the girl under me.

The cock up me was carrying on with the same slow place. But the pussy licking I was getting was getting more intense. The cock in front of me was really going for it. He was fucking her really hard and fast. He suddenly slowed and started to do short slow strokes, nearly pulling out each time.

Then he stopped and pulled out of her his cock still hard. Her hole stayed open, I could see his spunk in her. He shoved his cock in my mouth saying “clean that slut”
I didn’t have a lot of choice as it was in! I could taste his spunk and her pussy as I licked his softening cock clean.

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10 thoughts on “Getting it in the woods”

  1. Miss Hybrid, do you know how difficult it is to chase after you whilst supporting a raging hard on. Couldn’t you just stay by the car? Much appreciated.

  2. Too right Vim, women have all the advantages…..a woman with her skirt hitched up can run faster than a man with his pants down 🙂

  3. From Vim Fuego on Getting it in the woods # [Pending]

    Superb, just give me a couple of minutes. I’ll need to put the seats down.

    Leave then up and bend me over them x

  4. Miss Hybrid, I was going to bend you over the bonnet, putting the seats down was for position number two.

  5. In reply to

    Vim Fuego
    February 8th, 2010 on 11:01 pm edit

    Miss Hybrid, I was going to bend you over the bonnet, putting the seats down was for position number two.

    ………I know that now!

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