3 thoughts on “Handy job”

  1. Did you not think to check his tool BEFORE he started work?? Just imagine if he didn’t have the right equipment and you didn’t find out til the crucial moment??


  2. Oooooooooooooooooo how I wish to be where the guy (I think his name is Andy judging from the caption but me could be wrong )is now on the table?????????-lol…Stare up to see Hybrid in that skin tight minidress……She is on fire isn’t she lads??????????
    And she is in dddominnnntrix mode too……….O fulfilling all my dreams at once better than Christmas (which is right around the corner I may add)
    What horny guy would not want to be on that table???????Answer the queue is forming already

  3. I love the pics of you here you look so cruel & in control , the rubber or pvc dress you have on is so sexy

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