Happy New Year to everyone xx

I had a great night but far too much Chablis.

I will put a video of me sorting out my plumbing bill up a little later….once I chop out all the bits that are a little too much xxx

6 thoughts on “Happy New Year to everyone xx”

  1. Happy New year to you too.

    (you know our year’s going to be happy as long as you’ll allow us to follow your adventures… ;p)

  2. Happy New Year,

    I’m glad you came to an amicable arrangement with the plumber, mine in-cisterned on making a ballcocks of everything and then had the nerve to plumb the depths by trying to charge me for it! Guess what I’m using for a ballcock now!!! 🙂


  3. Happy New Year and best Wishes Milady ,Bonne Annee et Meilleurs Voeux Mademoiselle this is a English and French version xxx

  4. En de beste wensen uit Amsterdam (mais tu sais deja n’est pas?). Glad everything is back to normal. X

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