How to train to come on command – Miss Hybrid style

Training in the gym has always been a favourite hobby of mine. You get fit and find loads of people to flirt with. You can also dress up in the most outrageous clothing and never get told off. Here I demonstrate a great arm work out for the ladies, all you need is a volunteer male.

The preview trailer is now live on  my site  if you want to see how I make men come on demand.

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Training cock

5 thoughts on “How to train to come on command – Miss Hybrid style”

  1. Oh Miss Hybrid … I am so sorry … I didn’t realise I had to wait for your demand … oh dear me … I just couldn’t help it …please forgive …xxxxx

  2. Mister Maspaint

    That is very kind and so true,

    It’s lovely having you commenting on here from the beautiful and warm south while I am in the frozen North

    Miss Hybrid xx

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