I am adding new formats for my video and I would like your help.

I need your help.

I wish to offer more video formats on my site.

Could anyone advise me on the formats to include?

If you could also add the size and BR it would be very helpful.

Once I have the list of what I should provide I will set to and revamp all of my archive with the formats. xx

These are the new formats I am thinking of going with.

Any comments on size / formats?

What about bit rate?

HD DIVx, 1280 x 720
Flash, 640 x 360
Ipod M4v, 460 X 270
MP4 HD, 1280 x 720
MP4 phone, 320 x 180
WMV low 640 x 360

I will continue with the current WMV HD format 1280 x 720

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