I have not replied to every post and I want spanking.

A complete week of messing about on computer change over and I am still doing battle.

What a mare. I am making slow progress but I need my knickers pulling down and my ass spanking xxxx

Normal service will be resumed soon xx

Here are some galleries to keep your attention!


Don’t forget that these are of lower quality than are safely enclosed within my members area xxxx

7 thoughts on “I have not replied to every post and I want spanking.”

  1. I noticed that you still managed to get two new photo sets up. Both very nice 🙂 Thank you xxx

  2. you’ve got my permanent attention !!!!

    I’m on my way round now to give you that spanking! I’ve locked up the house, fed the cats and cancelled the milk order as I may be some time 🙂


  3. Miss Hyrbrid, I just want to know, do you have any idea who Lynryd Skynyrd is?

  4. Surely your knickers need pulling up thus creating a massive wedgie as punishment?

  5. That video was hot you continue to impress me Miss Hybrid I would gladly give you a spanking anytime.

  6. Hey Orgastic – Freebird – 14 minute live version – I think we wore out the jukebox at the uni bar with that one back in ’81/’82

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