I love discipline at work.

I couldn’t find my  little maid anywhere. Or the fucking handyman, for that matter.

I looked on the CCTV and I could see both of them, in the hot tub. This was taking the piss as it was working hours.

I went straight to tell them off. When I got to the half open glass door leading out to the tub, I thought I would have a watch first and a little listen, for a while.

They were laughing and joking, then he stood up he had a huge hard-on. He got hold of Tanya’s head and rammed her mouth over his cock. He then fucked her mouth and forced his huge cock into her throat.

He stopped, pulled out and spun her around. He lifted her right leg up and put her foot on the edge of the tub. I had a perfect view of her well used dirty little cunt. He spit onto her holes, put his foot next to hers and stuck that huge cock straight up her arse. She didnt even flinch. I was stroking my pussy, just gently, you understand! I watched until I could tell they were both close to coming. I opened the door walked out into their view. They stopped and looked shocked. They started to make excuses and blame each other. I was having non of it. “Get out now. Meet me in my dungeon in one hour” I said. I turned and walked away.

I went straight to my kinky dressing room and put on my Leather high heeled thigh boots, rubber lace up outfit, admired myself in the mirror and headed for the Dungeon to make preparations.

I was determined to frustrate the pair of them.

Upon their arrival I put the handyman in cuffs and spreader bar and Tanya in the cage. I hoisted his hands up and her up in the cage.

I wasnt going to give him any pleasure so I gave him a blow job with a plastic bag over his cock. Then wanked it right at her cunt in the cage. She was desperate to get it in her hole. Just as he came I aimed the first shot at her empty cunt and then let his cock drop. There is no more amusing sight than a restrained mans cock pumping cum out as it flicks about aimlessly. That serves the fuckers right.

Miss Hybrid dungeon

Miss Hybrid Tanya

13 thoughts on “I love discipline at work.”

  1. Mmmm, you certainly can, and I’ll lick it clean….or maybe leave it there so I can sniff it….which ??? I just can’t decide , just do it, and I’ll let you know XXXXXX

  2. you denied them and tormented them for engaging in pleasure without your
    consent.? how awesome and thrilling to see and feel your authority and power over your subjects Miss Hybrid.

  3. O Miss Hybrid, you crueeeeeeeelllll crueeeeeeeeeeeelll dark goddess-lol…You discplined your maid and the handyman in the pics above…… The way you unleashed your dark side at them-triple winks took them to the dungeon, put the maid within a cage while cuffing the handyman …..You are playing with both of them and taking great pleasure as you place your super hot bode between them taping into their lust for each other and yes, for you too i may add-lol….
    Super hot stuff My Lady

  4. OK, the gusset of my leathers is nice and clean and ready for you to mess it up 🙂 I’d love you to be my bike, so I could ride you hard and fast, or just keep you ticking over when it suited me 🙂


  5. Me neither, but there’s one slapper I’d love to have over the tank :-0


  6. I prefer scramblers with big knoblies, lots of travel too, so you dont fall off if the going gets a bit rough. Long strokes are good x

  7. hahaha, well mine’s a long stroke 🙂 I’d rather have the knobbly bits somewhere else though!!….only problem with scramblers is if you fall off you end up in the shit………..just depends on where it ends up 🙂

  8. It happens to me a lot.

    Cummings engines have long strokes. dont like Japanese bikes though, unless twins. I have worked as a mechanic by the way, got sacked for giving customers free oil changes and services. x

  9. Ooooh nice 🙂 Next time you fall off, call me, I’ll come and kiss it better and clean you up, rub some lotion onto your bruises….exclusive stuff, hand pumped at source 🙂

    Don’t have any Jappos myself either….Brit and Italian twins, all with long strokes and a bit of vibration 🙂

    You could help to change my oil if you like, although I don’t know where you’re going to refill the reservoir….any ideas??


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