13 thoughts on “I think I will do a bit of Hoeing”

  1. Hmm, difficult choice, let me think………………yes, I’ll come and hold the remote for you ….decision made 🙂


  2. I’m not sure here. The thought of you and various root vegetables kind of gets me thinking………………

  3. Fuck me Mr Vim I thought you had been put into a cryogenic state and blasted……Did you knoew that I love root vegetables?

  4. I see you as a carrot & parsnip girl. Personally I’d love to see you with a knobbly Maris Piper.

  5. Watch your nylons by the way. They’ll melt at around 250°C. Stay away from the fire hot stuff.

  6. “Is the phrase “Working in my Garden” a british expression for you playing with your pussy. ”

    No its a British expression for standing on street corners xx

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