Miss Hybrid, pee, watersports, boots, jodhpurs

Leather Booted Mistress Tour Of The Grounds Part Two

Leather Booted Mistress, Miss Hybrid Tour Of The Grounds Part Two

This video is a rare inside glimpse into my world as I take you on a tour of the grounds around my home detailing my Country pursuits, candid footage  ‘out and about with Mistress Hybrid’. I share my thoughts, plans and secrets with you in an intimate video diary. I show you all my secret outdoor locations to which I lure unsuspecting, over eager men (and film their lilly white arses in action).
I had fun making this video, as we have already spent a lot of time together in my stables, bedroom, dungeon, sauna, spa and numerous hotel rooms, with me with things stuck in all my delicate places in some very compromising positions! This is a chance for you to get know me a little better.

Please click the screen cap below to see a sample gallery of screen caps from the HD video.

Miss Hybrid, pee, watersports, boots, jodhpurs

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