like mother like daughter, Miss Hybrid, Penelope, dungeon

Like Mother Like Daughter Video Update

Like Mother Like Daughter HD Video Update

Ever wondered how it would be like to be taken by a mother and her daughter? My step-daughter Penelope wasted no time at all, confidently stepping into my most kinky of shoes. I am so pleased how she caught her prey, tied him up and teased him until his balls exploded!
If you would like to compare notes on our technique there are two videos for you to watch.
Shot in our dungeon check us it in these videos. I was not going to show this footage, as you know I do not encourage smoking but I had to let you see how we both worked our magic bringing our men to the edge of orgasm and then tip them over. Neither of us smoke anymore so just think of how much more we can do now with our tongues and lips!!!

Please click the screen cap below to see a sample gallery of screen caps from the video.

like mother like daughter, Miss Hybrid, Penelope, dungeon

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