Look what I made Felix do! I was hoping he would learn but no, he fucks it up again.

Well, yesterday I finally made it back from Scotland, Miss Hybrid having left me there for a few days to have some fun with our hosts. I have been fucked and sucked in every orifice and enjoyed every second of it.

I am on my way down to see Felix to pick up my duty roster for the rest of the week. It’s a little strange, as he usually meets me on arrival and gives me my duties for the following day straight away, but I haven’t seen him since I arrived back last night. I knock gently on his office door.


I knock again a little harder – it is unlike Felix to miss work.


“Felix”, I call, “Felix, are you in there?”

Nothing. No wait, I heard something!

I try the door, but find that it is locked.

“Felix, it’s Katie, I need my duty roster ”, I call. “Look, I know you’re in there, I heard you”.

I hear footsteps approaching the door. High heels? Not Felix. Then who?

There is the sound of the key in the lock and then the door swings open to an empty room.

“Inside, quickly”, says Felix from behind the door.

As I move inside, the door closes behind me. It is then that I see Felix for the first time and stifle a giggle.

“Nice uniform, Felix”.

“Yes, yes”, he says, “bloody punishment for searching through Miss H’s computer. I have to wear this lot for the rest of the week.”

Seeing him dressed the same way as I am is strangely stimulating and I really want to peek up his short skirt.

“Poor you”, I sympathise as he sits down.

“Take a seat, Katie”, he says as he looks through some papers on his desk, “I just need to dig out that rota. I know I printed it out yesterday”

“Oh bollocks”, he exclaims, “I’ll just print another copy”.

He taps on his keyboard, clicks the mouse a couple of times, and a sheet of paper shoots out of the printer and lands on the floor.

“Typical”, he moans as he stands up and bends over to pick up the sheet.

I get a great view of his pretty transparent panties, a bunny’s tail and a pair of balls.

“I see she’s given you a tail as well”, I point out, “Stuck on or in?”



“Yes, indeed, ‘Ah!’. I’m starting to get used to it now though”

He leans across the desk and passes me my work rota before sitting back down. I carefully cross my legs, ensuring that he gets a good view of my black silky knickers as I do so.

I check the list.

Item 1. Clean Felix’s office.  Well, may as well make a start straight away.

“Thank you, Felix”, I’ll be right back with my duster.

I nip out to the cleaning cupboard and pick up a feather duster, polish and cloths and then go back to his office.

I make a start on the shelves near the door, so that Felix can see me, stretching up as far as possible, knowing full well that my skirt will no longer be covering my arse, giving him the grand view. Of course, when I do the bottom shelves, I bend right over, keeping my legs straight and slightly apart so that he can see the tiny triangle of fabric covering my pussy. When I turn around, I catch Felix quickly glancing back across at his computer screen, as if he hasn’t been watching me.

Right, now to do his desk. Running the duster across the front edge, I work my way around the side and then next to Felix and “accidentally” drop my duster into his lap.

“Excuse me”, I purr as I reach down, pushing my tits into his face.

My hand runs touches his knee and slides upwards along his stockinged thigh. With my other hand I push his face down into my cleavage.

“Mmmphs”, is his only comment as my hand slides further up his thigh onto bare flesh and then grasps his stiff fuck stick through the thin fabric of his panties.

I take a handful of hair, pull his head back, plant my mouth over his and snake my tongue into his mouth. My hand is now stroking his prick, rubbing it through his panties, and I feel his hand on the back of my thigh, finding its way higher and higher until it settles on my bum and squeezes. His hand slips between my legs and rubs my silky knickers against my cunt. Our mouths separate for a moment, but our tongues still lick at each other. Felix spare hand reaches up and cups a breast through my top, he finds the nipple and pulls on it a little. He pulls back and swivels his chair around to face me. His fingers quickly work away at the buttons on my blouse. Four is enough before my tits are free enough for him. Pulling me close, he buries his head between them and then starts to suck on my left nipple, his left hand cups my right breast and tweaks my little pink bullet.

I push my hand up the leg of his panties, extract his rock hard member and proceed to wank him as he sends little sparks of electricity through my body. He swaps over boobs, tasting my right nipple and working his finger magic on my left. I drop my other hand into my own knickers and rub along my slit, dipping the tip of my finger into my cunt where it is moist and warm, before moving back up to my hooded clit and rubbing in time with the wanking of Felix’s prick.

I step back a little and offer my pussy moistened finger to him. He takes my hand and looks up into my eyes as he sucks the juices from it.

Kneeling down between his legs, I pull the crotch of his panties to the side, freeing up his hard cock. I lean forward, pull the foreskin down a touch and lick his glans, tasting the slight saltiness. My open mouth then engulfs the head of his dick and my tongue sweeps around it.

Felix leaning back in his chair, sighs, “Fantastic, just what I need”.

I suck his cock deep into my mouth, stroking his balls as I do so. My head bobs up and down on his staff, going as deep as I can. I back off and lick up and down his shaft, and his balls and then suck on his cock some more, my saliva coating his shaft and dripping down onto his scrotum. Again I back off and lick some of the pre cum from the tip of his prick.

Continued in my members blog xx

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