Miss FreeOnes 2011

I would like to enlist your help, if that’s possible.

As you may know I had so much fun in Miss FreeOnes 2010 that I have decided
to enter this years contest, which starts on the 15th of Nov.

Much as I enjoyed the prestige of last place and the eventual the rise to
37th overall, I would love to do better this year.

This is where I could do with your help

Any votes you could give me, early on and throughout the contest, would be
very much appreciated.

An anonymous vote counts 0.25 whereas a vote from members of “MyFreeOnes”
counts a minimum of 1. This is the link to register for your MyFreeOnes
account http://my.freeones.com/cgi-bin/mainpage.cgi

Here is the link to my contestant details page

I hope you also drop by my forum and leave me a message.


Miss Hybrid


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