Miss Hybrid will not be out done

While everyone in Britain is becoming obsessed with the the current freezing conditions and competing to see “how cold is it with you?”

I have just checked and I can confirm it is -273 centigrade and even colder outside.

Below you can see my fish pond and beautiful flower beds.

No wonder my nipples are stuck out.


Miss Hybrid

9 thoughts on “Miss Hybrid will not be out done”

  1. Absolute Zero…….in your presence!! Felix must have been really bad to incur such a frosty atmosphere 🙂

    Never mind, it’s only -270 here!!


  2. 1BB, I know Felix is emailing you. He heading for a spanked bottom and I dont care who knows it.

  3. LOL, I thinkm thats his plan :-)…..always on the lookout for fringe benefits!!


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