More disgusting filth from Felix

I am just on my way to town for a days shopping.

I see that Felix has posted more from his perverted life in my members blog

I see it didn’t take him long to fuck the newest member of staff, Jane the Housekeeper

Here is a short extract

“She runs a finger up and down her pantied crack, leaving an indentation in the fabric that outlines the contours of her cunt. I notice a damp spot where she has pressed the material into herself.

She pulls her knickers to the side and rubs her cunt with the thick handle of the whip. I can see the glistening moisture escaping from her lips and coating the whip. The end of the handle disappears inside her as she starts to fuck herself”

Felix is a perverted dirty bastard, I’ll give him that.

2 thoughts on “More disgusting filth from Felix”

  1. Hot story Felix, I hope you’re enjoying your weekend Miss Hybrid.


    Felix cant reply at the moment, he is a little tied up x

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