5 thoughts on “My very naughty driver gets in first”

  1. I always have great time for Hybrid who I see is the most powerful erotic force mistress ever.
    But Hybrid is also a Muse because she sees Erotic power in others and encourages them to perform to their full potential.
    The staff serve the Dark Mistress well- hhhhaaa

    The two in the pic above (which is one of a set) are no exception. How I would love to pick up a passenger as sexy as this kitten.
    I bet there are men out there who wish they were in the place of the driver (myself included-hhhaaaaa) but similarly I sense there would be erotic babes out there who would love to be collected by the driver in the set. A fair comment to make.

    It is a set that would be a big fantasy out there.
    My congrats to the driver and the passenger for fulfilling that fantasy. Thumbs up. Well Done.

  2. Dearest Devil,

    You are correct. Mai is a naughty little minx. Well not so little her legs are 12 feet long.

    She is very good at sucking a cock. She always has a hands on approach.

    The driver takes a bit of controlling and can rear up at any time. I don’t complain xx

    Miss Hybrid xx

  3. If I had Mai as my passenger, I could not keep my hands from her smouldering body and those legs-hhhhhaaaaaaaaaa
    Displaying my horniness-hhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaa

    I agree Hybrid. Mai would test the control of any guy who would around her. The driver must have thought that all his Christmases and New Years came together at once when Mai sat into the passenger seat-hhhhaaaa
    I sense Mai’s darkness-winks….Rock on kittens…

  4. Dear Devil,

    I couldn’t believe that he would be so blatant. From train to stain in 10 minutes.

    She is such a good girl xxx

  5. I agree with you Hybrid.
    The driver should have shown more self control of his lust- looking at the screen grinning boardly….
    If this were the Middle Ages, we would have to cast him out , put him out in the middle of no where and make him a hermit-hhhhaaaaaaa…

    But it would have been easy for him not to play with Mai…(Oooooo she is such a good girl ….at been naughty-hhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa)
    Oooooo Mai tempted the driver…and he gave in to his desires….

    But you know what I think, Hybrid ? Mai was sent by her Dark Mistress to test the driver’s will power.
    Could you confirm my dark thought because it is exciting me my queen?-hhhhaaaaa

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