Naughty Maid

One of Lord B’s Toff friends was staying at the house. Being nosy while he was out for the day, I went to his room for a snoop. I couldn’t believe it. In his case were a large pair of lace knickers, stockings , suspenders and size 11 stilletos.

I quickly scribbled a note reading. “I have laid out your underwear, I expect you in them ten minutes after you read this. I have left you one of my maids outfits to wear too. Everyone is out for the next few hours so come down dressed”

I couldn’t wait for him to return.

I had a great time. Guess what he loved a good spanking too x


8 thoughts on “Naughty Maid”

  1. Miss Hybrid,

    My bagsare here for you , any time you feel like having a good root around……but be careful, if I’m the one who catches you, the tables might be turned!! 🙂


  2. Dear Miss Hybrid,

    You are so gorgeous and it will be a pleasure to be punished by you. Is there others photos or a video to admire you with your sexy dress and your black boots ?
    One of your best fan.

  3. Yes there are hundreds of others. I only generally use around a hundred to one hungred and fifty in the updates though.

  4. Is There a video of those kind of hard love scenes ? Do you think to use strap-on not only for the pleasure of girls but men too ?

  5. And Felix, this is what you will be getting when I next see you, you little fucker.
    I am doing everything and you are out shagging.
    Miss H

    Ps bring me the photos and I will go easy on you.

  6. Oh go on Miss Hybrid, Show him how the wooden cock feels when it goes in dry 🙂 That’ll teach him!!


  7. LOL,

    Yes, I know what’s in your bags when you go to see mummy….you normally make me carry them !!!


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