4 thoughts on “New design galleries”

  1. Always a deep erotic pleasure to gaze upon Hybrid in her dark persona….
    I think the setting for the pic is Hybrid’s Dungeon??
    And it looks like Hybrid has a prisoner
    Is that the ravishing sex siren India with her??-winks to the screen…
    Ooooo I would love to play with India who is a extremely naughty minx….

    O Goddess, you are spoiling me-hhhhhhhhhaaaaaaa….
    Thank you my Dark Mistress-winks…..

  2. India looks like she is being made to do naughty things. I wonder if she stays on the estate…sort of like a captive !!. You know some very naughty people Miss Hybrid.

  3. Dear Devil

    I know you have a hard spot for India.

    I will be testing out my newly discovered cellars shortly xx

    Miss Hybrid xx

  4. Aaaaaaa Hybrid,

    My hard spot for India has become very erect
    Arroused by your words -hhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    She has great erotic force within her spirit and body… A sexual temptress ….

    Very important to test out one’s new cellars-
    My jaw has just hit the keyboard with excitement- winks to the screen my Hybrid….

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