No update today, 7th nov

Due to the fact I have managed to get pissed and have 5 stunning, booted, horny girls drinking wine in front of my raging log fire….I an not updating today but pussy licking and fisting instead.

I will however, be doing two updates tomorrow.


Miss Hybrid xxx

5 thoughts on “No update today, 7th nov”

  1. Great site.

    Would love to see Hybred and India in skin tight black latex catsuits and killer heels.

  2. Well now, I bet that’s one video that Lord B will be keeping to himself….greedy old git 🙂


  3. So glad I found the peeping hole. It was great to watch and thanks for letting your friend come around the back for a shag. I should have known you knew I was there. I never realised a 24 hr erection was possible but you made it happen! Thanks!

  4. Miss Hybrid,

    I feel so ashamed, and I have a confession to make. I’m afriad that it was me who put the handyman up to spying on you. He was reluctant, butI persuaded him, because I have spied on you hundreds of times, so in fairness, I think I’m the guilty one and it’s me who should be punished. I’m on my way now, cock at the ready awaiting your punishment……there’s only one thing, I’m not remorseful and I think I might stray again, so you may have to punish me more in the future……if I’m lucky 🙂


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