12 thoughts on “Oh well, best get into the spirit of things.”

  1. Who cares about the tree, the outfit and the turkey. Let’s have some wine, show your tits and I will bring the cock and do the stuffing.

  2. Tree, outfit, wine, turkey, cock, tits

    Weeping willie, boots, chablis, gobble, gobble, pearl necklace…..sorted 🙂

    What are we doing for New Year??


  3. Miss Hybrid,

    In my capacity as an Elf inspector, I feel I must pay you another visit! You have been warned about your attire in the workplace previously, and I must remind you that if you don’t cover up, hundreds of thousands of men are going to go blind!!
    If you don’t possess anything suitable, then I’m sure I could lend you a helping ….ahem….cock!!! 🙂


  4. juggle balls, juggle balls
    juggle all the way
    oh what fun
    it is to shoot my load up Hybrid’s pretty arse

    ok, ok, it does not rhyme properly but is it not a beautiful Christmas thought?

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