Put to bed by 7:30pm

I became very overcome by Chablis had to come home from the pub early. It seems that I was becoming rather loud and giggling a lot.
I do like in your endos and double enders …but after a few drinks everything seems to take on another meaning. I am sure people do it to me on purpose.

Anyway Felix called the driver to come and get me, before I outstayed my welcome.

I don’t remember inviting any friends back but before I knew it there was quite a party taking place. Probably 6 or 7 couples and thank goodness no Children….

Anyway …..as always seems to happen to me I went to far ended up doing a sybian demonstration for some of the ladies and interested me.

I refused to get off it and was put bed by Felix at 7:30pm, to preventĀ  me from further harm.

Miss Banging Headache

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