Race day knickers are missing and this isnt funny anymore

This is what I wore to the Horse Racing, when I went with the girls. We all got pissed on Champagne and spent most of the afternoon having an orgy in the limo.
I made it clear to some of Lord B’s friends I would be there for the afternoon, If they wanted to come and visit, they did! There were cum stains everywhere

I lost my knickers, come on who has them?


6 thoughts on “Race day knickers are missing and this isnt funny anymore”

  1. After we were finished, I took them home with me, they were still dripping with your juices. They are now under my pillow to help me have sweet dreams at night, so NO, you’re not getting them back!!

    Oh, OK then , but you must replace them with another pair 🙂 No More pulling them to one side, I want them round your ankles as I fuck you hard from behind next time.


  2. Neighhh, I’ve changed my mind….next time, don’t wear any whe we meet….It will save time getting into the saddle for a hard ride !!


  3. Look, you came in 20 seconds. dont be embarrassed I know you thought you did 67 but you were 2 away from a 69 xx

  4. ROFL,
    Unfortunately I couldn’t manage it in 20 seconds….you didn’t last that long before dissappearing either!! If only you hadn’t bolted then it would definitely been dinner for two 🙂

    I’m definitely going to have to rein you in !!!


  5. I’ve got a carrot here for you…..now if you’re quick, you can have it before it goes off


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