Should I put this one up today (30th oct)

Its so nice to be back on the estate. Huge log fires, thick rugs and the sybian.

The butt plug update went down well, I am pleased I froze my tits off up that mountain.

My nipples were even harder than normal, they went down well too!

The shooting went well..there was not a plastic gun in sight.

The men were very thoughtfull and went out and bought loads of nice food, drink and sextoys.

They did all the cooking, washing up and Katie did all the clean up.

I drew up a rota for Katie so she didnt get over used. That went straight out of the window the first night as we both got a bit pissed.


9 thoughts on “Should I put this one up today (30th oct)”

  1. awesome dress! love your class and style Miss! well your back and already your starting to monkey around!! hehehe.
    Flowers to you

  2. Mmmm, now that’s what I like to see, someone who starts to eat a banana like a slut, and finishes it like a lady !!! Bet you loved peeling the skin back and getting it right down your throat 🙂


  3. Glad your shooting went well, there’s nothing like letting loose with a full wad…..plastic just couldn’r handle the recoil!! In fact, wood is the best… long as you get wood you can shoot far and straight….until it hits the bullseye or throat, whichever you’re aiming for 🙂


  4. You should have called me to say you were freezing your tits off!! I would have come and kept them warm for you…who knows, I might have tuned in better reception with your nips too, and if not, well, I’d have had to put my lips around them to see if they got even harder 🙂


  5. aaah, home sweet home, don’t stay up too late! Breakfast in bed in the morning darling??


  6. Hey, if the men did all the cooking, does that mean that you got a roast?? 🙂


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