6 thoughts on “So what should I do today?”

  1. Decisions, decisions! As you’re snowed in, and now I’ve got the weekend off, let me make that decision for you!! Get the handyman to get the supplies in, Katie to stoke the fire to keep the living room warm, then I’ll come round and stoke your fire and raise the temperature a lot!!

    Hell, Katie can even watch!!! 🙂


  2. 1BB its snowing again….out of wood for the fire, so I am cutting up the antiques.
    Lord B will be going on next

  3. LOL, luckily I’ve still got msome trees that need trimmingt, the vine is almost down to the roots!! I have a big log here if you’d like it 🙂

    Don’t get of Lord B just yet….he’s handy for paying the bills !!!!


  4. 1. you are hiding it in a secret place
    2. the village magician was there and made it disappear just as he made a number of silly men never return?

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