Suck on this

It was great to finally meet with you yesterday. Given that I know you do not normally meet with fans and members in person I feel honoured I finally had the chance to see you “in the flesh”. I hope we can do it again sometime soon. As you may want to put this letter on your website, for those aspiring others this is what happened. I received an email from Hybrid saying she was going to be in Amsterdam for a couple of days and that she might require my assistance in putting together some logistics for her which obviously I was happy to do for her. Nothing out of the ordinary, just a hotel reference and a couple of addresses for shopping. I was actually surprised that she invited me for a quick drink whilst she was there. So we agreed to meet in the bar of the College Hotel at 5.
Obviously I made sure I was on time and ordered a bottle of champagne. I realised I would look like a complete plonker if she did not show but I did not care. I was actually pretty nervous as I had not met a woman who I had seen let’s say “quite a bit of” without having met her in person. I need not have worried as pretty much on the dot she arrived and scanned the room. For those of you who have been there, you will know it is pretty dark there and for some reason I had not picked the brightest corner. Not sure how she did it but she did pick me out of the crowd. She moved toward me and I got up. She offered her cheek and I kissed her. I kissed Hybrid.
Her skin was soft and her eyes were beautiful. I was hard instantly. I poored her a glass of champagne and helped her getting out of her coat. She was dressed in a black satin dress and suede thigh boots. She smelled divine. I nearly did not dare to look at her and she then touched my arm and told me to relax. I looked up and could not help staring at her tits. The satin made them look bigger than they are and I could not help but think what it would be like to lick those beautiful nipples. We talked a little about what she had been upto and what her plans for the rest of her trip were. Sorry, but obviously I cannot give any details. What I can say is that she is really a very nice person. Not at all the sort of snotty bitch that some other well known women are. No attitude and I suppose what struck me most was her intelligence and ability to have a deeper conversation about whatever subject. It might not be for everyone but for me a bright woman is a major turn on. No suprise my cock stayed hard all the way through this conversation. I noticed I was getting more at ease and at some point I even dared to touch her knee. It was not really on purpose and I expected to be told off for it but on the contrary she smiled at me and she touched my hair saying I was sweet. She also said I was turning her on. So I was back to being fucking nervous again. My cock was playing games with my trousers and was desperate to get out. She then told me to follow her. We went around the corner to the ladies lavatories and she pulled me in by my tie. I had never been there obviously and I noticed the place was pretty dark as well. She pulled me into one of the cubicles and closed the door behind her. She grabbed my neck and told me she was wearing a but plug and she was horny as hell. Well I was not wearing a but plug but I was horny as hell as well. She started feeling me up and I returned the favour. Believe me, those tits are as good, as soft and as big as they seem. And believe me, those nipples are so tempting, there is no resisting them and you simply have to suck them. And that is what I did. I think she was enjoying it but who am I to judge that? I was also able to touch her ass. Amazingly firm and a superb shape. I was getting more and more convinced that the ideal woman was here with me in this tiny little space. I felt her playing with my cock through my trousers and suddenly I felt they dropped. She grabbed my cock and balls and with her other hand she moved to my ass. Suddenly she was all in control. She told me that she would not take long to come but she had an interesting thought. She lifted her dress ans showed me an impressive black strap on which jumped from her knickers. She lost the knickers and showed me the toy in close up. She then said she was sorry but we would have some fun her way. I started to object but her hand grabbed my mouth and she told me to shut up. The strap on was one of those two edged swords with one part disappearing up her cunt and the other sticking out. I was starting to worry but did not have too much time to think when she turned me around and made me bend over the seat. She first lubed my ass a little and then stuck a finger in. I think. In her defense she did ask if I did not want it but with two of her fingers in my mouth all I could manage was an “umpff” type of response. I then felt a little pain and then she proceeded to fuck me. The whole strap on had entered me I was sure when she told me that only the tip was in and was I ready for the rest. With the hand on my mouth my reply was little more than before and I felt my legs get weak. I had been “analised” before but never in this way. I don’t know when but I did give up any resistence. I think I realised this was as good at it would get and Hybrid’s panting behind me did provide a certain extra stimulus. Funny how the body works but suddenly I felt no more pain. She then started really fucking me and with one of her hands grabbed my cock. I think I actually started cheering her on and she needed little extra encouragement to come there and then. I was actually quite surprised she came before I did and also that she managed to keep going. I have had many fantasies of fucking the Goddess but never like this. However I thorougly enjoyed it and probably the fact that she came twice in the way she did was probably one of the biggest compliments for me although I am not sure I was instrumental in it. Seconds after she came for the second time I could not hold it any longer and I painted the toilet in good old fashioned Dutch sperm. She then withdrew and turned me around. She kissed me on the mouth and said “thank you”. We then went back to the bar to finish the champagne with Hybrid still wearing the strap on tucked into her knickers. Hybrid, thank you. Please come again.

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  1. Bloody hell. This must be from the luckiest man in Amsterdam. I know that place. It has just that atmosphere. And I do agree: come back soon Mylady!

  2. I will be back in the next couple of months. I will have Lord B with me if he hasn’t croaked.

    We will stay in the same place.

    If he is good over Xmas I may let him watch.

    I may hire one of your little windows with the red light, for the night, just for a bit of fun.

  3. I would consider it an honour to show your husband around the more boring parts of Amsterdam as long as we can meet up for some je ne sais quoi when he has to have his afernoon snooz.

  4. Oh well, happy to meet up after we get the fucker to sleep so can do a potje of rampetampen. Better?

  5. He was truely a luky guy !… Too bad , that we can’t see the photos or the video. What a great experience !…

  6. Harry,

    Miss H has just told me that we are going to Amsterdam with his Lordshit.

    And thats not a typo.


  7. Gillette have announced Tiger Woods replacement. Now THAT’S what I call a close shave!!! Felix take note, no chance of furballs there 🙂 XXXXXX

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