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Dungeon Mistress Miss Hybrid Members Erotic Stories

Dungeon Mistress Miss Hybrid Members Erotic Stories

The Whipping” Goddess Miss Hybrid stood before me in all her glory … black, seamed nylons and sky-high heels, a beautiful corset, all covered by a long, opulent fur coat. She smiled as she modeled it for me, opening it, revealing her incredible legs in the nylons and towering over me in leopard print high heels. I hung by my wrists, and my breath stopped as I noticed her clutching a whip. “The Lady of the Manor welcomes you to her dungeon, slave. Mmmmm, you look so nice and helpless hanging there, my sweet slave.” She snapped the whip against the floor…I flinched at the sound. “This is my new Viper Whip. See how the end forks like the tongue of a snake? It is so light and easy to wield, and is tailored to fit my strong, beautiful hands – and each lash on your naked skin will feel like the deep bite of a viper. In fact, I can’t wait to see what it does to your flesh, how your helpless body twists in agony as it reacts to the punishment… HaHaHaHa!” Goddess Hybrid was so magnificent and all-powerful … she twirled the whip in the air, making it hiss and whistle … she walked around behind me … I could smell her excitement emanating from under the fur coat…suddenly a loud hiss and I felt the sting … deep, intense pain… it radiated instantly throughout my body and went straight to my cock, hardening it … My body bucked and I yelled but I loved the pain, welcomed it, because it was being inflicted by my Supreme Goddess Miss Hybrid … again and again the whip hissed, snapping against my back, punctuated by Goddess Hybrid’s heavy breathing and laughter.

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Her fur coat flew open and my body snapped each time she applied her merciless whip … Goddess Hybrid worked herself into a trance-like frenzy, hooked on punishing me. Her magnificent body growing moist with perspiration and excitement…her muscles glistened with sweat. She rhythmically snapped the whip against me for minutes on end … she smiled and moaned as my body jumped with each lash: “You should see your back  you sniveling slave … streaked with long, angry red welts, some very deep … Do you like the sting of my viper whip? Do you like how your Goddess’s legs tense as I snap it against you and slowly destroy you? Look how seductively my strong hand wraps around the handle, the blood vessels so pronounced as I grip it so tightly. It’s all part of my plan to completely break your will until you are nothing—no pride, no self-respect—you will live only for me and do things only for your Goddess Hybrid. Is that understood?” “Yyyyes…” Before I could finish the sentence she began whipping my naked ass with the whip—I yelped in pain and she smiled as my legs buckled, her eyes wide and bright with power—she continued to circle my helpless body and whip me, moaning with pleasure as my ass grew red and swollen…soon I became dull to the pain of each blow…my yelps and screams reduced to moans as I grew woozy from the whipping…I couldn’t help praying for ejaculation as I saw her powerful legs framed by the rich-looking fur … her nipples stiff beneath the corset as she administered each blow…she strode around me, alternating between my ass and back, making me writhe in pain and whimper…she breathed harder and harder and I smelled her juices, which were flowing from the thrill of punishing me… She stopped as I moaned, my body hanging limply. She slowly ran her hands over my torn flesh … they felt so cool and smooth. “Ohhhhhh, the wounds on your pathetic body, my plaything —so stimulating to look at and all made possible by your almighty Goddess Hybrid. God, I am so very thirsty.” She left the room and returned with a bottle of cold champagne and a stemmed glass…She popped the cork, smiling as it bubbled over—“That is what your cock will soon be doing from the incredible stimulation I am causing you to experience…it is so sick and twisted—and so deliciously divine – and I love it!” She downed the champagne and called out: “Bring in the chair!” Several slaves carried in a large armchair and placed it before me. Goddess Hybrid removed the coat and draped it over the chair, then sat in it, the fur coat framing her powerful body. She cradled her glass of champagne, moving her stunning legs … teasing me with them … smiling as she posed them … draped them over the arms of the chair … stretched the nylons and garter straps … spread them, flaunting her pussy, barely covered by her stretching panties … her heels were so long and sharp. “Do you like my red toenails, how they match my finger nails? Mmmmmm, how you are falling deeper and deeper under my spell … HaHaHa!” Goddess Hybrid filled her glass and sipped champagne and ordered me: “Crawl to me, slave!” I crawled toward my Goddess as she sipped and removed her panties, revealing her naked wet pussy. “Now place your pathetic face between my legs and eat me!” My knees shook as I plunged my face into her wet cunt: “Mmmmmmm…isn’t it warm and slick … push your face in until you can no longer breathe … find my clit with your tongue!” She grabbed my hair and pushed me in deeper. My cock was engorged as I plunged my tongue inside her slickness, inhaling her womanly perfume … I licked and slurped, finding her clit, then tongued it and tongued it … She moaned and writhed and then she flooded me with her cream … I lapped it up, my balls swelling with cum. “Ahhhhhhh…yessssss…now for the grand finale.” She stood majestically and put her fur coat back on. She turned her back to me, wantonly lifting the beautiful fur to reveal her wonderful ass: “Now bury your face in my ass…I want your tongue inside my asshole, cleaning it until it is pristine!” She draped the coat over both of us and I was trapped in a warm, damp, musky world of her pussy scents and now the scents of her ass. I pushed my face in, smelling, inhaling deeply, and it was like cocaine, the smell of her ass. I tongued her asshole as she moaned loudly, my cock ready to explode at the degradation she was subjecting me to…I licked and licked as Goddess Hybrid watched it all in the mirror, actually sipping more champagne as I worshipped her divine asshole. I was suffocating under the fur coat, sweating, growing faint, my heart pounding … then I passed out and fell to the floor. I was half-conscious as Goddess Hybrid began rubbing my engorged cock with her high heel … up and down, making it weep pre-cum. She stared into my eyes, smiling at her complete power over me. “Mmmmmm, look how your cock drools for me, how it wants release. Would you like me to finish you? Hmmmmm?” She slowly rubbed her heel up and down, her glorious red toenails shining … I moaned and my body stiffened as she skillfully masturbated me…the burning pain of the whip marks blended with my overwhelming lust and desperation for release…she kept it up…stroking…stopping…laughing as my cock bobbed, ready to ejaculate…then she continued again…slowly raking her heel against the underside of my cock, playing with the tip and my pee hole…stretching my pre-cum…then finally, mercifully, she pushed her heel deep into my hard-on and stroked up and down … I hissed and squealed as I surrendered to the cum impulse … gave in to her power … and Goddess Hybrid laughed as my cock spasmed and spurted my cum…she lifted my spurting cock with her perfect foot, covered with her leopard-print spike heel, staring in fascination as strings of my cum hit the floor…I moaned and stared into her eyes…I belonged to Goddess Hybrid so completely and would welcome anything she would do to me…What did she have in store for me next????

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