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More Photos From My Bed

Miss Hybrid boots

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The story is added below

I had mentioned to one of my girlfriends, Joanne, whose husband, Jeff, is a photographer, that I had bought a new ring flash. It turns out that he had been thinking of buying the exact same model, and asked, through her if he could borrow it.
I was not happy about lending it out, as the newness had not worn off.
She suggested him having a play with it at my place.
Anyway, that’s what happened, he was outside photographing ducks, doors, dustbins dogs etc while we had a bottle of Chablis in front of the fire.
When he returned, we were somewhat Chablied. Joanne suggested that while he was here it would be a good idea to take some  some photos of me and he could play more with the flash at the same time.
He beamed at his wife! Oh oh, I thought. Anyway I ended up getting some boots and  a see through little number and underwear on and he took some photos. Joanne sat on my makeup stool and watched. I was doing flirty poses and tweaking my nipples and making a few ooogghhh, arrhhh noises. I could see that she had her hands over the zip of her jeans and was gently stroking herself through the material. “Fuck it” I thought. I laid on my back feet facing her and started to stroke the outside of my panties as I slowly opened my legs. I noticed that Jeff wasn’t taking any photos. He was just stood there with a stupid grin on his face and what looked like a truncheon propping his trousers out. Joanne had always told me he had a huge cock but I didn’t expect that tent!

I turned onto my hands and knees and pulled my knickers down, showing him my now soaking hole. Joanne had by this time unzipped her Jeans and was openly wanking herself off. Jeff’s mouth was hanging open.
“I wonder If Miss Hybrid would mind you wanking yourself off Jeff, that must be getting very uncomfortable down there” Joanne said.  “Better still why don’t you two fuck and I can watch” I replied.
She was up and onto the bed in a flash, kneeling beside me, as he put the camera down and tugged at his trousers. His cock sprang out and it was a monster.  I got hold of Joanne and dragged her above me and shoved her up into doggy position, right over my face. He almost ran to the bed climbed up above me and behind Joanne. I grabbed his hard cock, bent it down and took aim. He launched forward. Luckily my aim was good and his thick cock went  straight up her cunt.  He pulled nearly out and then slamed it back into her.I could see that his cock was soaking with her juices. Then slam, back into her. Each stroke squeezed a little of her juices out. It was hanging like drool and finding its way into my wide open mouth.
I lid out from underneath and got on all four mimicking Joannes position exactly. Arse up stomach down. He was fucking her and looking at my holes. He reached over and shoved his fingers straight up me. “You are right about her Joanne, she is a right slut, she is soaking.” he proclaimed, as though I wasn’t there! Cheers Joanne I thought.
I looked at Joanne and said “I suppose you planned all this so he can fuck me?” She smiled
Come on then, “Jeff stick it in me” I said with a sigh. He pulled out of his wife and jumped behind me. I tensed all my cunt muscles as tightly as I could as he rammed it up me.
“Is that tighter than Joannes?” I asked  as I grabbed his balls and tugged them down, hard. He had only made a couple of strokes and I heard this, “oh no” and then a grunt and the tell tale slow thrust as I felt hot cum squirting up me , shot after shot. He collapsed on top of me, grunting as I felt his cock still throbbing nad pumping. Spunk was already seeping out of me and dripping onto the bed. Joanne was furious with him, “what the fuck, you never come that quickly with me?” she barked. Jeff was blubbering away, making some excuse about me being too tight. I don’t think that went down too well.
Joanne got off the bed looking non too pleased and started putting her clothes back on.
Jeffs cock was still in me and so I squeezed to see what reaction I would get. It was instant, I felt his cock start to swell in me and it was rock hard again. He started to slowly slide it in and out, pushing lots more spunk out on each stroke.
“You never do that either, do you Jeff, It’s always lights off while I have to frig myself off, said Joanne as she stormed out.
Jeff started to really fuck it into me, grabbing my tits and calling me a dirty tart.
I pulled away from him and off his cock, the spunk flooding out of my now well stretched gaping hole. He thought I was changing positions but I clamped my hand over my pussy and said “I thought you were here to take photographs, now get on with it”

See if you can tell which were the before and after photos!!!!!!


Click here to download all of my 22,000+ Photographs and 100+ Videos