Tales From The Manor Part 1b

Stable Bound
This is not the first time I had caught him in a compromising position and I very much doubt it will be the last. There he was, all bound by his arms with rope, tied to either side of the stable, stripped from the waist down and unable to move. The funniest thing was the rope tied around his balls, with a huge weight on the end. I recognised the amateur handiwork immediately- Penelope, Lord B’s daughter (not my spawn I may add). I was very impressed by her deviousness, maybe being a stepmother could be fun after all….

Miss Hybrid stable bound

Miss Hybrid blowjob

Driver Perks or minge benefits
I give my driver a little more than he expected for his bonus. For the first time ever, he came bang on time.  I believe in spunctuality and good employee relations…

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