Todays update 21st Oct


I just loved the feel of the nylon and cotton. I also love the look of the photos. I look so innocent, well until you look closely ansd you see my clit piercing through my knickers.


I was very pleased to get an invite to the Vicars tea and tarts party.

I had been to one in London night club last year and had a great time. At the one last year I didnt get back until the next day. I was knickerless and covered in spunk.

I thought it was little odd having a tarts party in the middle of the afternoon but went anyway….It wasnt what I expected at all…They were all very old…I tried to liven it up a little but ended up getting pissed on punch. I then got caught by his gardner, knickers to the side, pissing on the prize roses. The gardner was happy to not make a fuss in return for a favour, which he got… IĀ  stayed to the end, expecting some more action but everyone just drifted off. Still at least I came home with spunk in my knickers

9 thoughts on “Todays update 21st Oct”

  1. Hmm, you seem to be pissing on a lot of plants lately…are you trying to emulate”The Worlds Fastest Indian” ??


  2. A Vicars and tarts party with only one tart…no wonder you were bored….did you manage to get a cream pie??


  3. Phew, I thought the dog was trying to get in on the act near the end…then there would have been spotted dick too :-0


  4. I tend to piss wherever the moment takes me…usually car parks, back alleys, parks etc. I love to just stand there, pull my knickers to the side and piss, stood up, legs slightly apart. Some men find it disgusting….

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