8 thoughts on “Tool Shed Attire”

  1. Well done. It’s been just over a year for me now.
    Did you read Allen Carr? Just curious as you say stopped rather than gave up.

  2. Just that the idea is that you are stopping smoking, not giving up, as this supposes that there is something to “give up” in the first place. The point being that smoking gives nothing but illusion – the only reason that a cigarette can calm you down or help you concentrate is that you are feeding the nicotine addiction, and hence any positive feeling is because the withdrawal is stopped and the nicotine monster temporarily sated.

  3. Larss, Mister, Darling. I know, you explained that top me at the BBQ last night. I was a bit Chablid at the time….1BB heard it too, he busy on the internet, remember?

  4. I just checked out this set in the members area again. The lingerie you are wearing shows you off to perfection. Red and see through, really erotic. xxx

  5. LOL, I didn’t realise that you knew I could hear everything you said!! It’s OK, the BBQ made up for it…the roast was top class, and lashings of horseradish sauce too….I had almost forgotten how big your appetite was!

    Mind you, what you were smoking was definitely more satisfying than a full Corona….just ask Monica 🙂


  6. Ooooooooooooooo Hybrid,

    You are the rrreeeeeeeddddddd hhhhhhhoootttttttttttttt deviless in the red dress-lol…
    I can fffffffffffffffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllll the sexual heat ffffffffffffllllllllloowwwwwiiinngggg from the screen…… Very hot stuff Hybrid….and your eyes seemed to be very dark with the sexual force too-lol…

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