Two into one will go!

Extract from the latest entry in “The Felix Diaries”


There is always something going on in the manor, and when I am not sneaking around after my delicious Mistress, Miss Hybrid, or actually doing something productive like the books, organising the estate or preparing newsletters, I find it extremely useful to have unfettered access to the CCTV feeds. This means that I can always “accidentally” come across some naughty goings in and usually get involved in some way. It also means that I can keep an eye on the staff in case some punishment is required as it was the other day.

Andy had just finished putting up some new shelving in the drawing room in preparation for moving some of the books from the library. Mai comes in carrying a small dustbuster, to tidy up the sawdust and plaster that is generated from Andy’s handywork. She is wearing the ubiquitous French maid’s uniform, which, this week consists of a short loose black skirt and see-through lace blouse. A white maid’s headband, natural stockings with suspenders and 2 inch heels complete the outfit. I have a tremendous view of her arse and the barely visible red g-string running between her cheeks as she bends down, cleaning along the skirting board until it is blocked by Jane entering the picture. Jane very quietly approaches Mai and places a hand on a naked bum cheek. Mai looks around, and seeing Jane there just smiles and carries on with the hoovering.  Jane, slipping a hand between Mai’s legs, rubs her pussy and Mai sticks out her bum a little more, allowing easier access. Mai puts down the dustbuster spreads her legs and leans against the newly erected shelf.

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