Update today 27th Oct………….. update!

It will, when I get a chance to load it…be the video of me with the boots and butt plug, grinding a suction cup vibrator into my pussy.

I showed it to the 8 men in the shooting lodge last night, in high definition on a huge screen. They seemed to like it. Katie did an erection check and all seemed well.

Poor Katie ended up being fucked by all of them. I watched, sipping a great single malt, feet up in front of the huge log fire. I didnt join in until she had taken the sting out of them, I didn’t want bruising!

Change of plan…Its too cold and wet to sit in my 4 x 4 for an hour while I update a video.. so I am putting up a photoset, the video will be tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Update today 27th Oct………….. update!”

  1. oooh dear, you have a 16 year old in your hand?? Well, nothing like getting them while they’re young, the lucky little bastard 🙂


  2. What do you mean there don’t seem to be any men up to it???….Oh, you mean in the lodge with you at the moment??? No surprise there then, they’re all the trigger happy type, can’t wait to shoot !!!! Either that or Katie took more than the sting out of them 🙂


  3. No wonder you’re looking so sulky, somethings eaten your tights….I’m just wondering from which side??

    Don’t worry, I’m coming, that’ll put a smile on your face later !!!!


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