Well maybe not

I must apologize to my members.

I had all the new formats made and the new index done. The old imac had chugged away for many hours making the new formats.

I sat down to watch my first flash, well since finishing school days, and just near the end of my fantastic two handed hand job I noticed  a 1 second clip where the colours had gone tits….So all the new videos had to be done again.

I set the old machine onto the task and went to the shop and bought a new super dooper pro mac. The proper one that is about to become obsolete as a new model is coming out…but what the hell xxx

So  hopefully….


Miss H xxx

One thought on “Well maybe not”

  1. Oh dear, thats what you get for wearing 3D glasses when I’m flashing you…..I told you you wouldn’t need them !!! The 2 hbded job was nice too, but it was just white and creamy all over your tits, not multi coloured 🙂


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